Waldron & Associates. Three Photos - 1. iPhone with stethoscope. - 2. Medical whiteboards with sticky notes. - 3. Hospital hallway with people in lab coats waiting.Who We Are. Nicole Serena has worked in the pharmaceutical industry for over 25 years. She has over 7 years of experience in patient access and has experience with launching and transitioning patient support programs. Nicole's experience covers many therapeutic areas, including: cardiology, hematology, dermatology, oncology, immunology, biologicals, pharmacy, etc. Other areas she has focused on in the industry include: marketing, sales, patient access advocacy, etcServices. 1. Consulting: program planning, design, optimization, launch, risk management & compliance, etc. 2. Training: PSP Masterclass TM, coaching, best practices, training for new staff, field staff training, etc. 3. Workshops. Registration Required.upcoming workshops

Women in Leadership: Balance & Bliss On The Way To The Top. Verity Club, Toronto. 15-16 Jan 2020. Register now. PSP Essentials Workshop. Alt Hotel, Toronto. 19 Nov 2019. Register Now.
Top Talent. In Fall 2018, Nicole published Top Talent: How to Hire your Dream Intern. "Top Talent" teaches managers how to hire the best intern and coach them to their full potential using a simple 7-step process. Buy It On Amazon! Front cover image.  
Check out our added services button Connect. Want to learn more? Reach out! Email: nicole@waldrongroup.ca. Phone: (289) 962 4707. 
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